Updates & stuff…

Things are gonna stay a bit vanilla & borky around these parts for some time while much needed upgrades are done. The old-ass plugins that broke due to my recently switching to PHP 7 have been thrown out, and the theme I hadn’t updated since early 2011 went as well.

In line with my official stance on advertising (‘fuck your ads’), and broader views on privacy & data-ownership I’ve also ditched Google Analytics, and switched to the Open Source Piwik instead. Do-Not-Track headers are respected here.

The next chore (currently in progress), is importing my entire history from Instagram and setting up to automate periodic roundup posts. As for the site theme, I think I might actually stick with the WordPress Twenty-Sixteen default & just load a barebones child theme over the top for minor customisations.

Yeah that’s right, blogging. The early 00’s nostalgia is real.