Hello 2016

Alright cool, after neglecting this blog on the internet super hard for the entire last half of 2015, a new year has ticked over again. Hello 2016.

Quick re-cap of some stuff if you weren’t following along on twitter or instagram for the previous 6 months;

Things that didn’t happen; personal projects you may have heard me talking about during that period have mostly been put on ice for the time being. One large-ish piece of writing that was commissioned got canned, doubtful I’ll resurrect that.

Still getting used to having a place where I don’t live with someone else’s stuff, or the knowledge that I have to leave within a couple of months. Buying furniture feels stupid & wrong but having a decent bed and a real desk is some pretty amazing shit. Bookshelves, OMG.

First day of the year I managed to severely aggravate an iliotibial band walking down a mountain track, making 2016 the year I start taking injury prevention exercises seriously. The ability to walk up & down any old hill I feel like is something I want to preserve, as I do intend for this year to have some expeditions in it.

Structure & Narrative still lives, though as ever nobody is really sure what I’m doing. This blog will probably get an overhaul soon and there might even be content again. But y’know, don’t hold your breath. Not all year.

My occasional signs of life are best monitored via:

Hi Mum.