Some bits of fiction…

It’s been a while, but I’ve started cranking out some short bits of fiction again. Actually finishing and publishing them as well even. Just short pieces of speculative work, going straight to medium:

Happy Independence Day!  – 2 min read.
Small mistakes and large consequences.

Roti Capy, No Sambal. – 4 min read
A delicious meal served with a … Continue reading “Some bits of fiction…”

Twitfic 2010 review

During the past year I submitted a number of stories to twitter fiction magazine Thaumatrope. Twitfic is a strange little animal, trying to condense an idea down to <140 characters and still maintaining something of a narrative is an interesting exercise. Some stories will drop perfectly formed, others begin as sloppy brain farts and require … Continue reading “Twitfic 2010 review”

Redesign the World: Paperback

‘Paperback’ was a runner-up for the AnyBook Award 2010 and was printed in the compilation ‘Redesign the World’, the first book manufactured by an Espresso Book Machine in Europe. It’s a 1000 word flash of a day in the life of some kid in the near future, dealing with the implications of micro-cults, the crazies … Continue reading “Redesign the World: Paperback”

New Old Treachery

This is the final assignment for ‘Introduction to Cyberpunk Literature’ at (yes, it’s late), writing a short work of fiction based on what we’ve, uh, learned. So here is the first story I’ve written in about 18 years, presented for your reading pleasure in what ‘The Complete Idiots Guide to Publishing Science Fiction’ tells … Continue reading “New Old Treachery”