New Old Treachery

This is the final assignment for ‘Introduction to Cyberpunk Literature’ at (yes, it’s late), writing a short work of fiction based on what we’ve, uh, learned. So here is the first story I’ve written in about 18 years, presented for your reading pleasure in what ‘The Complete Idiots Guide to Publishing Science Fiction’ tells … Continue reading “New Old Treachery”

Atemporaneous Continuality

This is the fourth assignment for ‘Introduction to Cyberpunk Literature’ at This penultimate assignment asks where we are going, and whether or not we have a choice. We will look at the developments since the days of Cyberpunk and some of the trends currently emerging from, in and around Science Fiction.

“Cyberpunk … Continue reading “Atemporaneous Continuality”

Bidirectional Penetration

This is the third assignment for ‘Introduction to Cyberpunk Literature’ at An essay on where the line should be drawn between humans and machines, and whether or not such a distinction is necessary. Androids will be discussed briefly, with more deserved attention going largely to cyborgs.

“The physical union of human … Continue reading “Bidirectional Penetration”

Gigantesque Caricature

This is the second assignment for ‘Introduction to Cyberpunk Literature’ at An essay on the depiction of the environment of ‘Bladerunner’ and ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric sheep’. We will take a look at some of the core visual influences of the film, the relation of its depictions to the situation on the ground … Continue reading “Gigantesque Caricature”

Bohemian Dyspepsia

This is the first assignment for ‘Introduction to Cyberpunk Literature’ at, writing a short essay on what makes Cyberpunk stand apart from the rest of Science Fiction. To this end I will recount an horrifically incomplete history of the genre, attempting to describe the interrelation of the advances in culture and technology that influenced … Continue reading “Bohemian Dyspepsia”