Some bits of fiction…

It’s been a while, but I’ve started cranking out some short bits of fiction again. Actually finishing and publishing them as well even. Just short pieces of speculative work, going straight to medium:

Happy Independence Day!  – 2 min read.
Small mistakes and large consequences.

Roti Capy, No Sambal. – 4 min read
A delicious meal served with a … Continue reading “Some bits of fiction…”

Theory of Change and the Futures Cone.

The first in maybe a series of posts mashing together and overcomplicating some simple diagrams. Today’s victims; Theory of Change and The Futures Cone. I will briefly introduce The Futures Cone, make a critical note on its depiction, and propose a new ‘P’. Then a brief introduction of Theory of Change before we mash some diagrams together and … Continue reading “Theory of Change and the Futures Cone.”

Importing the Instagram Archive

A few words on how & why I’ve imported my content from Instagram. We’ll get the technicals out of the way real quick and then move on to stories & content strategy.

I’ve pulled in roughly 4 years of content from Instagram (just over 1000 images & videos) using Instagrate Pro, which offers a solid range of features for … Continue reading “Importing the Instagram Archive”

Updates & stuff…

Things are gonna stay a bit vanilla & borky around these parts for some time while much needed upgrades are done. The old-ass plugins that broke due to my recently switching to PHP 7 have been thrown out, and the theme I hadn’t updated since early 2011 went as well.

In line with my official stance on … Continue reading “Updates & stuff…”

I broke the thing

Hey hi, yeah so I was messing around and I’ve broken some stuff. Fine, I guess it really was time for an update anyway. Back to vanilla WordPress for a while…

Hello 2016

Alright cool, after neglecting this blog on the internet super hard for the entire last half of 2015, a new year has ticked over again. Hello 2016.

Quick re-cap of some stuff if you weren’t following along on twitter or instagram for the previous 6 months;

I moved to Rotterdam. Joined Bureau Bolster half-time as a … Continue reading “Hello 2016”