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Week(ish) notes, 2014 – wk 06-08

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Time passed! Stuff happened! I overdid the bouldering a little, now nursing a dodgy elbow & shoulder! The review of LIQUIFIED SKY I wrote for Arc came out this week after a brisk evisceration & reconstruction at the hands of its benevolent overlord editor. Thanks Simon, I […]

Month notes – January 2014 (weeks 03-05)

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I quit smoking for most of January which this time made me angrier than usual, leading to one published rant and other stuff I decided didn’t need to be online. Also wrote a tiny review for elsewhere, that’ll come out when/if ever. Now besides boring work, here […]

Week rants 02 – Retool the military.

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Fuck week notes, have a rant instead. That’s by far more entertaining. No referencing or linking. Or proof-reading, or research or facts or any of that shit. Saw an article today on a major Dutch news site saying the German military wants to become more […]

Hello 2014

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I only moved house once last year! The plan for 2013 was climbing & making smoothies. Smoothies didn’t last very long but I did stay in the habit of eating breakfast which apparently is a good thing. Climbing has gone fairly well, after a year […]

Weeknotes 2014, week -3

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Two projects kicked off this week, a full visual identity & site, and some design consulting & a site build. Research work has started on the identity. I’ll talk about both of these when they launch some time in February. On Structure & Narrative: A few […]

Weeknotes 2014, week -4.

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So lately when people ask me what I’m doing, I’m often not sure what to tell them. Stuff. Things & stuff. This obviously isn’t sufficiently descriptive, so I need to get better at articulating it, and maybe actually also have some sense of an idea […]

Concrete Immaculate

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I’m sat in The Green Door Store, fourth venue of the night after the Improving Reality conference. It’s an old storage bunker underneath the railroad tracks, now hosting the English Disco Lovers. Head’s still spinning really, alcohol isn’t helping. I look down at the table […]

The co-working spaces of Amsterdam, July 2013 edition

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TL:DR; I’ve taken up residence in the great shared studio at De Staalkade 6. There will be a few more spots opening up here in the coming months, so if you’re an independent creative (designer / developer / director / photographer / etc) looking for […]

A Rough Design Fiction Maturity Continuum?

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If you’re reading this you probably already know about Design Fiction. You may also have seen Bruce Sterling‘s recent talk at NEXT Berlin on Fantasy Prototypes and Real Disruption. At around the 12:30 mark Bruce calls out the need for a system of categorisation for design […]