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Camotalk – Amsterdam Hackers & Designers Meetup

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Sources for the talk I’ll give today for the Amsterdam Hackers & Designers Meetup. Camouflage: Histories & Identities, Systems & Magic In rough order of the talk most things I’ll reference & that are shown on the slides. There aren’t sources for every single image, […]

Escaping the Cities of Drowned Ghosts

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I’ve had this bit on the shelf for over a year now, just a thought that occurred to me while watching VICE on HBO’s Chinese Ghost Cities episode… You’ve heard about the so-called Chinese Ghost Cities. Puffy-faced finance consultants on CNN call them ‘a disaster […]

Constructing Lunacopia

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Yeah I should have been doing a bunch of other stuff, but due to a long run of boring work combined with more interesting projects getting postponed for months on end, I had to make something visual that actually got finished for sanity retainment purposes. […]

The Blind Robot

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Something else I saw last weekend at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, ‘The Blind Robot’ by Louis-Philippe Demers. “Do you want to try the robot?” says the attendant standing before me as I enter the Main Exhibition hall. “Sure, why not?” I take a seat in […]

Not All Drones

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Friday the 23rd was Drones Day at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, and I missed almost all of it. Wandered in just in time to catch the tail end of Daan Krijnen demonstrating his AR Drone Face Tracking, in which a Parrot Drone tracks your […]

Echoes of Resonate14

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Back at the start of April I was in Belgrade for Resonate 2014, lodging with the good people of The Artificial. Having had my fill of Kinect hacks, projection maps & assorted visualisations, here are three things that have stuck with me now, a month down the […]

An afternoon with the Dutch Future Society.

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Updates on travels to Burgundy, Manchester & Belgrade in the past weeks at a later point, popping this one off the stack first… “The World in 50 Years & How Do We Get There” was the promising title of the recent afternoon-long mini conference put […]

Week(ish) notes, 2014 – wk 06-08

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Time passed! Stuff happened! I overdid the bouldering a little, now nursing a dodgy elbow & shoulder! The review of LIQUIFIED SKY I wrote for Arc came out this week after a brisk evisceration & reconstruction at the hands of its benevolent overlord editor. Thanks Simon, I […]

Month notes – January 2014 (weeks 03-05)

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I quit smoking for most of January which this time made me angrier than usual, leading to one published rant and other stuff I decided didn’t need to be online. Also wrote a tiny review for elsewhere, that’ll come out when/if ever. Now besides boring work, here […]