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Camouflage: The New Plaid

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I recently gave a talk at Tokyo PechaKucha Night Vol 124. Basically an updated & much snappier version of the camo talk I did for Hackers & Designers last year. As described by the people of PechaKucha: He deconstructs the ironies associated with fashion being at odds with […]

What do you do exactly?

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As of May 1st I’ll be back in the Netherlands,  looking for new work, and I need to be able to answer this question. I sigh internally every time I get asked. More of an ugh than a sigh. I don’t have a simple explanation, […]

Stuck on Singapore

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There are people who will tell you three days in Singapore is enough. These people are the enemies of interesting things and good food, and they should be ignored.  I was only there for three nights in January, but a part of me got stuck. […]

A packing list for 6 weeks away.

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For the last 6 weeks (ish) I was travelling around in South East Asia. I brought hand luggage only, along the way I got a lot of comments on how lightly I was packed (mostly from jealous people with Very Big Backpacks). I’m not a particularly […]

Hello 2015

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Well kept street-side gardens. Communities maintained outside the corporate machine, hidden in tiny spaces any number of floors from the ground. Emergency services slowing down and politely requesting that traffic give way as they attempt to rush to their destination. Bamboo forests. Black-out drunk salarymen […]

Camotalk – Amsterdam Hackers & Designers Meetup

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Sources for the talk I’ll give today for the Amsterdam Hackers & Designers Meetup. Camouflage: Histories & Identities, Systems & Magic In rough order of the talk most things I’ll reference & that are shown on the slides. There aren’t sources for every single image, […]

Escaping the Cities of Drowned Ghosts

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I’ve had this bit on the shelf for over a year now, just a thought that occurred to me while watching VICE on HBO’s Chinese Ghost Cities episode… You’ve heard about the so-called Chinese Ghost Cities. Puffy-faced finance consultants on CNN call them ‘a disaster […]

Constructing Lunacopia

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Yeah I should have been doing a bunch of other stuff, but due to a long run of boring work combined with more interesting projects getting postponed for months on end, I had to make something visual that actually got finished for sanity retainment purposes. […]

The Blind Robot

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Something else I saw last weekend at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, ‘The Blind Robot’ by Louis-Philippe Demers. “Do you want to try the robot?” says the attendant standing before me as I enter the Main Exhibition hall. “Sure, why not?” I take a seat in […]